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Beach Cabanas

Our beach cabanas put you in an island paradise with a spectacular ocean view. Picture you and your family with your very own beach hideaway patterned after cabanas that line the French Riviera. Imagine stepping out of your colorful, airy beach cabana right onto a white sand New York beach, less than 60 seconds from the Atlantic Ocean. Play on the private beach, sun on the sand, swim or boogie board in the Atlantic. Summer doesn't get any better than this!

Poolside Cabanas

Shady poolside cabanas let you and your family cool off in the pool or ocean or simply relax outside your cabana, enjoy your lunch, read a book or socialize. Many people refer to the aisles between our poolside cabanas as old-fashioned neighborhoods where people meet, talk, and develop friendships that last a lifetime!


If you're looking for a more economical summer at the Sea Gate Beach Club, you and your family can have a place to secure your belongings while you enjoy each and every amenity of the Sea Gate Beach Club. Our lockers are enjoyed by every conceivable demographic group: group-singles, couples, single parents and senior citizens. You'll enjoy them too.